There is only one answer to this question and this answer is yes. If a married woman tells you that she has never thought about another man, know that it is a lie. In fact, absolutely any woman whether she is married or not at least once in her life has thought about another man. However, there is a need to understand why married women think about other men, especially if they are happy in their marriages.

Of course, when a woman starts relationships with a man, there is big love and she just cannot think about any other men. However, with time passage, all the feelings tend to cool down and love in this case is not an exception. All the feelings are becoming less hot and the relationships are becoming trivial. And at that time women start thinking about other men. Those men could be whoever whether it is just a friend, a co-worker, a boyfriend of her best friend or just a movie star.

The longer we are with a person, the more predictable we are becoming to each other. You can easily predict what your husband will say in this or that situation, what he will do next and so on. As well with the time passage sex life is also becoming trivial. In other words, an everyday life of a married woman is becoming completely predictable and boring.

And such woman wants to revive her life and starts thinking about how her life could be with the other man. Boredom of everyday life is the main reason why all married women in some periods of their life start thinking about the other men. However, there are some other reasons for such thoughts which follow from mentioned cause. For example, a woman sees how her friend treat his wife and start comparing those relationships to her own ones and of course sees a lot of differences. And as a result she tries to imagine her relationships with other man.

In fact, there is no matter why married women think about other men, but it is necessary to understand that thoughts are not unfaithfulness and thus there is nothing bad in dreaming.

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Do Married Women Think About Other Men?

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