Idmers offers a broad range of services to the people. You can take advantage of the different programs available. Check out the services you can get from us.

Personal Assessment

We will conduct an individual assessment to check if there is something in your personality that is causing the problem. Once we have that completed, an evaluation will follow to ensure that we can help out in you improve.

Personal Development

If you want others to see you in a good way, it is essential that you can see yourself as someone worth it of people’s attention. We have a set of Psychologists and Personality Coaches that will help you achieve the confidence you need.

Dating Coaches

One on one or group session, whichever you prefer, we got it all for you. There will be an assigned dating coach to make sure that you know the best strategies to make when you go out on a date.

There are a lot more services that you can acquire from Idmers. If you want to inquire about the services we have, send us an email of inquiry at Our love guides will get back to you the soonest possible time to answer all your questions.