When we go out for our first date, there are a lot of things that we think about most especially the ladies. They tend to be over anxious about how they look and how the date would turn out. You need to relax girls. Here are the real things that men are looking forward to on the first dates. Check out and learn to calm your nerves.

1. No Sex

If you ladies are worried that the only thing a guy wants is to get under your pants at the end of the date, then you are wrong. Men are as nervous as you. If the guy is attracted to you, it is impossible not to have the desire that the two of you can hit it off under the sheets but they also want to build a connection before they do it with you.

2. Say Thank You

Men still have their ego up to this date. On a first date, they are expected to pay for it. They are expecting you to accept that and all they want in return is to hear you say thank you and smile. They prefer appreciation rather than a discussion over who is paying for your meal.

3. Attentiveness

You are on a date, and his attention is all focused on you. What they want is to get the same from the girl in front of them. If you use your phone and ask them if it is alright if you take a call, they are left with no choice but to say yes because they don’t want to be rude. In reality, they don’t want to see you constantly checking your phone as if your mind is somewhere else.

Just keep these things in your mind if you are going out on a date for the first time. Try to relax and be comfortable. It is the best way to have a smooth flow of conversation that could be the key so both of you can still have a second date to plan.

The 3 Real Things That Men Want During A First Date

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